Saturday, September 25, 2010

Four Weeks to Party Time...

...and today, we hung a witch in stocks above the dining room table. Hard to get a good picture - I'll try again when we have better lighting in place. We also went on a shopping spree...and got a feather wreath for the living room:
 And adopted two more Zombie Babies from Spirit Halloween to join our nursery. Cute little buggers, aren't they? ;-)
 Brent's pretty well finished with the mausoleum with a final wash of gray/stone paint today. I think it looks rather rugged and worn, don't you?
 And from the front - the moss adds quite a dingy touch, I think.
I hung the skull curtain today as well - I think it will fit well with the "ancient" theme we're doing for the living room area...very nice for atmosphere, wouldn't you say? 
Tomorrow is all about the party invitations - must get them finished and sent out this week!


  1. I love the wreath, and the witch and the mausoleum. But seriously, did you really need more of those creepy babies? How do you sleep at night with them in the house?? :-)

  2. Um...I sleep like a baby? LOL