Thursday, October 21, 2010

T-Minus Two Days & Counting...

We're in all-out party prep mode around here - the house is coming alive with all things creepy, crawly and furry. Tomorrow the graveyard will come together, baking will commence and we'll start on all the final details.

Here are some pics of what things are starting to look like - the last until after the party. Watch for party photos Sunday or Monday...

 Ooo...a dark hall. Wonder what's in there?
 Skulls on top the entertainment center - they are entertaining, actually...
 Our front window - glows in during the day, glows out at night.
 Dr. Jekyll's Lab...spooky, no?
 Wonder what's in the jar? Do you dare get closer?
 More of the lab...and who's that standing by the shelf?
 Skulls under lamplight - much spookier at night.
 Shiny! Sparkly! Time-warpish!
 We may have an infestation on our hands here...wonder what's behind the curtain?
 Party favors for guests....
And our graveyard, currently hanging in the living room. Tomorrow all this will go out to the yard. 

Here's to a great weekend and a spectacular party - more by Monday!