Saturday, September 11, 2010

50 Days to Go - New Stuff and Party Prep

Look at that - the countdown clock says 50 more days to Halloween! that means there's only 42 days to the party on Oct. 23rd...and we'd better get moving! I got the official clock out today - it plays scary sounds every hour on the hour during daylight. My favorite clock, bar none. It's especially fitting this year, since our theme is a "time warp" - Halloween through the ages. We'll be focusing on ancient times (celtic/druid), 1600's - 1800's, and a nod to the future for our party deco.
We did some shopping today too - Target finally has their stuff out here, and we had a good time. This year, no paper plates for us - we bought a whole set of 20 melamine plates, and 8 bowls (all dishwasher safe, of course). We need to go to the other Target store and see if we can score some more bowls...
Naturally we got napkins too. Can't have a party without napkins. Just above and to the left are the bags I'll use for trick-or-treater packages this year. We also got a big beverage tub, and a whole kit of lights/sounds found at Lowes - because you can never have too many flashing lights or scary noises.
We also got some craft supplies for other projects - including this year's invitations:
Then we came home and while I was washing up 24 brightly colored coffins...
Brent was in the garage working on a new prop for our cemetery.
He's also been working on a few other things...wonder who will end up in this?
 This week, I'll be working on getting those invitations done, and I think it's time to start putting some interior decorations up!


  1. Anonymous9/11/2010

    AWESOME new Halloween goodies...sounds like you all have a lot of fun. BTW, that clown would NOT be living in MY basement. So would NOT be happening. I will have nightmares on your behalf! SHUDDER!!!!

    Have fun getting ready!!!


  2. Once again I find myself envious of those within driving distance of your place. One of these years I might have to throw a party of my own . . . :-)

    And I hope it's the clown or the babies that end up in that furnance - I don't know how you can stand having them in the house! *shudder*

    Love the clock!

  3. Now see, you two would totally see how cool my clown & babies are if you saw them in person. ;-)

    Fly on out, Carol - the party needs you! LOL