Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Treasure Island: Décor

We had so much fun with the décor for our pirate party. I can’t decide whether the “No Quarter” hall of heads or the “Spider Stairway” was my favorite, but by far, the favorite “prop” of the evening for our guests was the “Bathtub Burial” scene (above). No, the bathtub isn't filled with dirt - it's amazing what you can do with foam board & plastic bags!
The "No Quarter" area - this was completely dark (no lamp light behind as in the photo), blocked off from the adjoining rooms with black tablecloths and our burgundy curtains. When the curtains were opened for people to enter, it set off a string of strobe lights with eerie music and laughter - the strobe lights illuminating the heads just enough to be super-freaky!Our "Spider Stairwell" - all the webs were lit by a blacklight in the stairwell...very cool effect. Unfortunately, I couldn't get a picture of it all glowing, but you can get the idea:
What would a pirate ship be without a captain? You may have seen this photo in your local paper - I was interviewed last year for an article on Halloween theme parties. Fun!More to come...

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