Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Treasure Island: Menu & Tables

A taste of the Caribbean was our goal for the pirate party, and we scoured the ‘net and books for recipes that would do the trick. We did pretty well, I think, aside from a few power problems with slow cookers & a warming tray that evening. What’s a party without any hitches though, right? We decorated the dining room “island style”, complete with palm trees & bright island colors, as you can see above. This picture was taken “the morning after” – as you can see, our inflatable palm tree couldn’t quite handle the excitement.

Our menu consisted of Salmagundi, a traditional pirate stew (minus the rat and pigeon meat), Jamaican Jerk pulled pork & rolls, Hula (pineapple glazed) meatballs, a tropical fruit plate, hot wings, and 2 tropical desserts (cake and cheesecake – both were delish!). The snack table downstairs was piled with chips and brownies – not traditional fare by any means, but enjoyed nonetheless.Upstairs on the non-alcoholic beverage bar, my skull punch bowl was the centerpiece as usual, with hot cider, water and pop nearby in a palm tree cooler (no picture, unfortunately). This is also where the drawing was to vote for our 2009 theme.
Downstairs at the “wicked” bar the Red Rum Punch was a huge hit, and gone before the night was over. Our rough-n-tumble bartender watched over the mixers with some help from our evil laughing pirate in the corner.

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