Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Heaven & Hell Party Photos 2011

The party's over, and it was a great time for all, methinks! Thanks to Maicie Wolfe for taking pictures this year - she did a far better job than I could have, for sure. You should be able to click on the photos for larger versions, I think. I haven't identified anyone just in case they'd rather remain anonymous (relatively speaking).
 A Dark Angel (tied for 1st place), a flower, and dirt (funniest costume award).
 Eek! Devils!
 An evil (?) wizard...
 Um... there's our very dapper looking host!
 Your split-personality hostess (why yes, my halo is leaning...).
 A lovely good 'n evil couple. :-)
 Trouble x 2!
 Now that is one scary devil!
 Dark Angel #2 (tied for first place)
 A not-so-angry bird...and look! A geisha and a nun!

 Our esteemed photographer and her lovely (?) date...
 Need to get to heaven? These two will drive!
 Busted by the emperor! Or was it Caesar? Hmm...
 Knockin' the balls around (there's a reason this party is adults only...)
 That specter is fixing to drag this guy off for not wearing a costume...
 Another costume slacker. Watch out guys. Just try that next year. I dare you! ;-)
Dark Angel #2 again, and our Blue Angel...
Very dangerous to do at a party...passed out! 
And a lovely swirly skull to end the evening. :-) 

Thanks to all who came - it wouldn't be a party without you! 

Next up, Halloween night in the graveyard out front...if you're local, stop by, & bring the kids. :-)

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