Saturday, July 25, 2009

Box of Goodies & Fence Building

Less than 100 days to Halloween, and we're revving up for this year's party & yard haunt! With any luck, I'll be posting weekly updates now through the "big day".Yesterday we got our second order of Halloween goodies, as you can see from the photo above. I just love the new "evil pumpkin", and we're already "testing" one of the props in a jar of water there. Some cabinet covers for the kitchen, body bags for treats, and some craft items for our main activity this year. All very exciting! Good thing I cleaned off the kitchen table last week, eh?

Last week, we headed to the local hardware store, and got all the materials to build a couple of new fence panels for our yard haunt. We're using plans we found on (linked to the right) - if you're looking for new projects, go check it out! We're putting two panels together, and if it works well, we'll be making enough to do the whole front yard. I think it's going to look really cool, and be much more sturdy that last year's cobbled-together barrier. I'll post pictures of our first efforts as soon as we get a panel finished.

This coming week, aside from working on the fence, my main goal is to get our "save-the-date" magnets done and ready to mail out next Saturday. I have magnets leftover from a previous marketing venture, so it's just a matter of printing out cards, sticking them to the magnets, and mailing them off. Gotta find some hospital-themed clip art though...which is sometimes harder than one might think.

Better get to work!