Saturday, September 21, 2013

Long Time, No Post!

Wow. The 2011 party pics are the last things I got up here? I am seriously slacking, I tell you what. The thing is, last year we decided to skip the party and dash down to Florida for Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights, and it was seriously fun, I tell you what. When we got back, we decked out the yard and handed out candy, but it was all pretty low-key, overall. A few pics, you say? Here you go...

 Like our new nanny? I think the zombie babies dig her...or dug her, rather. ;-)
2012 Nursery
Photos from Halloween Horror Nights

 Brent (foggy)
 More Brent - the lighting and streets were just super-cool!
 Street walker - reaper!
 Just another creepy street at Universal Studios...
 Yours truly, in front of a mausoleum mid-street.
 Very cool shaking/moaning caskets, and pumpkins lit high in the trees.
The Entrance, which was the plainest part of the whole trip but still very cool. Here's where I learned that my fingerprints do not work well with biometric scanners. Good to know...

For 2013, we decided to skip the party again (I know, I know - I hear you groaning out there - sorry!), and focus on making our yard haunt totally awesome. Next up, pics of the props we're preparing for this year's yard display...

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