Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Party Pics!

I'm horrible at taking photos at events, but here are the six I got. I think we can safely say a great time was had by all!

Next year's theme: Time Warp!


  1. Your party looks like it was awesomely cool! Are those jello shooters in those syringes??

    BTW, the pictures of the pediatrics ward were very creepy! How could you sleep with those dolls in your house? They look totally evil!

  2. Yep - jello shots in the syringes, C. I made two flavors...Fuzzy Navel, with orange jello & peach schnapps; and Rum & Coke made with coke, cherry jello & spicy rum. Very good. Too good, actually! LOL

    The dolls are creepy - but honestly, when there's as much creepy/freaky stuff in the house as we have, you just kind of get used to it. :-)