Monday, September 7, 2009

New Graveyard Fencing

Last year on Halloween night, we had problems with parents stepping over our low fence - followed closely by their kids. Because we have all kinds of electrical cords, etc snaked through the lawn decorations, we prefer that kids especially stay out of the graveyard proper, just to keep anyone from tripping & hurting themselves. So we decided it was time for a "proper" graveyard fence.

We got the instructions online (see the link to the right), and Brent decided to build a panel just to see how it would look, how hard it would be, etc. Turns out it was pretty darn easy, as you can see above. These 6ft panels just stake into the yard with rebar, and are made of 1/2 inch PVC pipe and 2 inch furring strips. Obviously we need finials to put on top of the posts...we're still looking for something suitably haunting.

We need 32 panels to do both halves of our graveyard, so today we bought 90 PVC pipes and 60 furring strips, 2 more boxes of nails and another box of black spray paint. Once all the panels are finished, we'll add some moss & creepy cloth to finish off the look. Can't wait to see what it looks like all put together!

This weekend we also bought bloody tablecloths, and cheap MP3 players with cheap speakers for sound effects around the house. Can't believe we didn't think of it before, but it's the perfect solution for getting specific sound effects to match individual "scenes".

Now if we could just pin down the invitation format...


  1. I had trouble with the Ipod as a sound effects machine last year in the lab. Just wasn't loud enough. So, we've gone back to ye olde CD on loop playing the same thing, going to the same speakers, and it's MUCH better.

    Hope yours work out.

    Fence is looking good. Gotta love the whole walk over the fence routine.

  2. Thanks Cole. We just bought cheap (ie, less than $20) MP3 players at Walgreens and Kmart, along with a small speaker that each plugs into. They're actually really loud - when that MRI sound effect gets going, it's pretty pervasive, so I think it will do fine in the stairwell. I figure as the batteries wear down over the evening, the sound will get softer...which is good. I like sound effects to start, not so much as the party wears on (plenty of noise from people talking/laughing).

    We're still trying to find finials for that darn fence. Bought materials for the rest of the panels last weekend, so we're going to get moving on them tomorrow! :-)

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