Friday, April 17, 2009

Halloween Bites

Two weeks ago, one of our dogs had two teeth removed. They’d gotten infected, and when the vet tech asked if I wanted to keep them, I almost let him throw them out. Obviously, I came to my senses in time, and grabbed the nifty test tube he’d put them in, remembering that our theme is centered around all things medical this year!

So now we have these nicely grotesque infected teeth to add to our prop collection. The tech suggested that maybe we’d need to clean them up before use…but I’m not so sure…


  1. Poor puppy.

    I'ld say they are good, as is, personally.

  2. Yeah, but he's feeling pretty darn frisky now. I didn't even realize he was feeling poorly since he was still pretty active, but it must have been hurting him.

    Sorry I didn't get back to you on the IV measurements, by the way - I think I got sick right about then, and just forgot all about it! My apologies...

  3. holy poop that is creepy looking. thanks for following! coincidentally, my next post is going to be about evil, a character study on someone getting away with a crime and never suffering it's lucky i've happened across this intensely disturbing visual. now i'm thinking about dentists and "little shop of horrors"

  4. That is a creepy picture. Yikes! My dog had to have teeth pulled for the same reason and I opted not to keep them. (I wonder why they ask if you want to keep them?) I hope your dog is doing better now. And if you can get away with it....don't clean them. They can give spooky ideas and act as inspiration for creepy twists and turns in a story! :)

  5. Welcome, ladies, and thanks! A horror story about evil dentists would probably give me nightmares (and not much does). I can't wait to see your next prompt, e.

    Gabriel is doing very well Dawn - thanks! We've decided to just leave them as-is, right in the test tube. I hadn't thought of them as "inspiring" in a writing sort of way (more as a party decor sort of way), but you are absolutely right!